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About Daisi
Daisi's vision is for artistic and cultural experience to be at the heart of young people's lives and learning.

Daisi’s mission is to work in partnership with artists and educators to enable arts and culture to enrich and inspire the lives, learning and futures of children and young people in our region.

Daisi believes that:
  • Engagement and learning in and through the arts transforms lives
  • young people contribute to the cultural lives, futures and heritage of all of us and we celebrate their achievements
  • we have a responsibility to contribute intelligently to the arts education sector's evidence base of the positive impact of arts education activity on outcomes for young people, and to use it for effective advocacy
  • we are committed to designing, supporting and sharing innovative, diverse and relevant approaches to learning in and through the arts
  • partnerships and collaborations cross boundaries and increase the reach and legacy of our work
  • we are an entrepreneurial, learning organisation, committed to consistently informing and developing practice through experience
  • child protection issues come before any other matter
Daisi offers the following services & activities:
  • a diverse body of local professional artists who display excellent education practice
  • information and advice available to educators, young people and artists to help you work effectively with arts and culture
  • advice for schools and other settings on matching artists to your needs, project development and management
  • tailor-made project management service for schools and settings
  • design & development of new project models exploring innovative approaches to arts education, partnerships and addressing identified needs
  • a range of continuing professional development opportunities for those working in the field of arts education
  • advocacy for the positive impact of arts activities on outcomes for young people across LA Children's Services, locally, regionally and nationally
  • support and training programmes for national initiatives and schemes which in turn support development of opportunity in our region (e.g. Artsmark, Arts Award, Learning Outside the Classroom)
  • network development for those working in the field of arts education and the wider potential engagers

Read more here about the Background to Daisi or click on the attachments below to download our archive of past newsletters for further information.
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Download this file (Newsletter Spring 2011.pdf)N~.pdfDaisi Newsletter - July 2011421 Kb
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