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Daisi works in partnership with professional artists in all art forms alongside young people and their teachers or group leaders, both in and out of school.

Daisi advocates for the benefits of working alongside professional artists and creative practitioners. These benefits include:

  • Gaining personal and vocational skills such as confidence and self determination
  • Learning new art form skills, including specific techniques
  • Deepening understanding, for example of other cultures or concepts from across the curriculum (e.g. scientific principles, historical insights)
  • Fostering community, celebrating achievement, making a contribution
  • Opportunities to be inspired and have creative experiences
  • A legacy of know-how, transferable skills and local creative and cultural contacts and resources

Artists who work in partnership with Daisi tell us that they gain from working in education settings. For example:

  • Direct contact with your audience
  • A sharing of skills, ideas and approaches
  • Opportunity to present your working processes and reflect upon how young people interact with them
  • Access to a network of peers, new projects, work and continuing professional development opportunities
  • Opportunities to develop your skills in contributing to young people's development across a range of their learning needs
  • Opportunities to develop your skills in working with young people from a range of backgrounds and in a range of settings
  • Opportunities for new collaborative learning alongside other arts, cultural and education professionals
  • Hard work, inspiration and fun!

Daisi projects can be one-off workshops or a series of sessions, out -of-hours provision, family learning opportunities or collaborations across learning communities.

Daisi artists work with children and young people from 0-18, in a range of settings, including early years settings, schools, colleges, PRUs as well as non formal education settings such as youth clubs and cultural organisations.

If you become a Daisi registered artist:

  • We match you to projects in response to enquiries from schools, cultural organisations and community groups. Daisi supports both you and the setting through the process of planning and delivering work with young people.
  • We can offer you opportunities to work on strategic partnership projects.
  • Daisi can assist you to develop suitable workshops for specific groups of young people, and to promote your ideas to settings.
  • We provide you with regular information on local training, support and development opportunities and work opportunities.
  • We can train you to become an Arts Award Adviser.

Are you interested in becoming a Daisi artist? See the Artist Application Process.

To get an idea of the range of daisi workshops and art forms please take a look at the Project examples and Art forms in the teachers section of the site.

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