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Fusion: Preventative Partnership

A partnership project, drawing 7 agencies together, about positive activities for young people that create change for them. 

The agencies are: Young Devon, The Ivy project, Life Change UK, Daisi, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue service, Devon & Cornwall Police, Devon & Exeter Race Equality Council.

For further information about the arts project that Daisi is developing within Fusion, scroll down to the poster and case study (below) about Daisi's 'What if?' project.  'What if?' is a pilot project, the learning from which is being built upon through Fusion. You can also watch a short film produced by artist Stuart Dawson in collaboration with the young people from West End, Tiverton who have been participating in the project.

Fusion: Preventative Partnership 2009


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Download this file (What If case study.pdf)What If case study.pdfWhat if? project case study14 Kb
Download this file (What If Poster.pdf)What If Poster.pdfWhat If Poster88 Kb