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©Clive Pig
Clive Pig
Clive uses masks & music, puppetry & song to tell traditional tales and new stories. His original & dynamic delivery of world stories appeal to children of all ages.
©David Heathfield
David Heathfield
David Heathfield specialises in storytelling and drama to develop student creativitiy, including traditional tales from specific cultures. He blends in choral rhymes, song and traditional percussive instruments.
©Sarah Hurley
Sarah Hurley
Sara Hurley specialises in storytelling and storymaking, through drama, movement, spoken word and creative writing. The outcome can be a performance or written work.
©Clive Fairweather
Clive Fairweather
Clive Fairweather is a storyteller who supplies stories that encourage reflective and creative thinking, better listening, unfamiliar perspectives and historical surprises drawn from a repertoire of 700 tales.
©Chris Holland
Chris Holland (Wholeland)
Chris Holland runs nature-based workshops which include storytelling and drama. His mission is to help teachers and children get connected to nature and use their outdoor spaces more for playful learning.
© Cinnabar, Okehampton
Don Newton
Don Newton is a storyteller and story-maker who tells traditional tales from all cultures.
©Liz Adams
Liz Adams
Liz Adams is a published poet and writer. Her workshops involve storytelling, emphasis on sound and wordplay, poetry, and colour theory. These classes aim to inspire participants to have confidence in their own creativity. 
Photo © Christoffer de Graal
Christoffer de Graal (MovingSound)
We will perform and show to each other stories, music and dance to communicate and express our ideas. We will invent movement and make up music using lots of worldwide instruments, taking part, listening and watching.