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Visual Art

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©Ruth Oakley
Ruth Oakley
Ruth Oakley runs a wide variety of visual art workshops including ceramics, printmaking, painting, batik, large scale murals, wall hangings and sculpture work.
©James Young
James Young
James Young is an illustrator and designer. He runs visual art workshops exploring illustration, animation and digital artwork using Adobe Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.
Xiao Bai Li
Xiao Bai Li runs workshops in Chinese brush painting, portraiture and life drawing.
©Cara Patterson
Cara Patterson
Cara Patterson is an illustrator and designer. She runs visual art and craft workshops including bookbinding, puppet and mask making.
©Scott Walker
Scott Walker
Scott Walker helps students to collaboratively develop a mural, adding their own creations into a cartoon graphic. This can be an opportunity to involve groups from all spheres of a community into an artwork.
©Carys Wilson
Carys Wilson
Carys Wilson specialises in drawing, painting, printmaking and large scale collaborative projects such as this painted layered outdoor mural.
©Darrell Wakelam
Darrell Wakelam
Darrell Wakelam leads painting, illustration and college workshops for all ages based on a board variety of themes and starting points.
©Sara Downham Lotto
Sara Downham Lotto
Sara delivers mixed-media art workshops for all ages. The theme can be abstract or curriculum linked. Collaboratively drawn and painted murals can be cut up and reassembled for individuals to rework with collage
©Simon Ripley
Simon Ripley
Simon Ripley makes colourful, abstract prints and runs printmaking workshops for young people. 
©Jenny Mellings
Jenny Mellings
Uses organic materials for painting and drawing and could include pugment from local earth and plant materials in various ways. Using these materials for stop motion animation is also a possibility. 
©Louise Waugh
Louise Waugh
Louise Waugh painter and printmaker runs workshops for all ages in drawing, painting and printmaking. Often inspired by Nature she works with a variety of printmaking techniques including screenprinting, relief and collage printing on textiles or paper.
©Monica Shanta Brown
Monica Shanta Brown
Monica Shanta Brown specialises in large scale collaborative murals or mosaics, with each project designed specifically for the needs of the participants and the site. Materials could include paint, papier mâché, felt collage and found objects. 
©Kate Barker
Kate Barker
Kate Barker runs workshops in a variety of techniques including screen printing, mono printing, drawing, painting and mixed media collage. Mostly large scale and collaborative, working on a variety of materials: papers, fabrics, clear acetates, glass and wood.