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Poetry and Creative Writing

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Photo © Four of Swords
Four of Swords

Four of Swords Theatre is an Exeter-based company which is speedily establishing a reputation for dynamic storytelling which combines traditional drama with multi-media elements. The Four of Swords Creative Writing workshops a set text from your school's syllabus as a starting point for writing extra scenes / monologues / alternative versions. The students will then have the opportunity to either direct or perform their work alongside professional actors.

Photo © Sara Hurley
Sara Hurley
Sara's workshops guide children through the narrative process of making stories and developing illustration techniques, giving them the chance to collectively create a unique illustrated story book.
Photo © Caren Dickinson
Roselle Angwin
Roselle Angwin runs creative writing workshops for all age groups, helping young people to access their own creativity. She has a particular interest in environmental arts.
Photo ©Liz Adams
Liz Adams
Liz Adams is a published poet and writer. Her workshops involve storytelling, emphasis on sound and wordplay, poetry, and colour theory. These classes aim to inspire participants to have confidence in their own creativity. .
Photo © Clive Essame
Clive Essame
Clive Essame works with young people to produce performance or spoken work on the issues of sense of identity, relationships with others, self image, sense of place, discrimination and perception of difference.
Photo © British Museum
Clive Fairweather
Clive Fairweather leads masterclasses on the works of Geoffrey Chaucer for A-level students.