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Drama and Performance
Photo © Sarah Hurley
Blazing Tales
Blazing Tales is a workshop and performance company who work collaboratively across the art forms of: storytelling and drama, music and composition, visual arts and crafts.
Clive Essame
Clive Essame works with young people to produce performance, spoken or visual art work on the issues of sense of identity, relationships with others, self image, sense of place, discrimination and perception of difference.
Photo © Circus Berzercus
Circus Berzercus
Circus Berzercus run fun circus skills workshops. Circus skills promote intense concentration, spatial awareness, retained reflexes and a sense of rhythm and anticipation - developing coordination and dexterity which has a big impact on confidence and self esteem.
Photo © Stuart Dawson
Stuart Dawson
Stuart Dawson specialises in theatre, community and educational projects outside the traditional theatre spaces and often with people with no experience of drama.
Photo © Peter Kyrke-Smith
Peter Kyrke-Smith
Peter Kyrke-Smith has written and composed more than a dozen original musical shows for children & young people, and works with a drama/dance colleague to create a performance in a single day!
Photo © Christoffer de Graal
Christoffer de Graal (MovingSound)

We will perform and show to each other stories, music and dance to communicate and express our ideas. We will invent movement and make up music using lots of worldwide instruments, taking part, listening and watching.

Photo © Four of Swords
Four of Swords

Four of Swords Theatre is an Exeter-based company which is speedily establishing a reputation for dynamic storytelling which combines traditional drama with multi-media elements. Four of Swords offers schools performances from its repertoire of shows [Macbeth, Doctor Faustus, Jekyll & Hyde, Gawain & the Green Knight], and/or acting and interpretation workshops which support these performances or can be adapted to suit any set English or Drama texts.