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Anna Leatherdale
Anna Leatherdale is a dance artist and encourages new ways of interacting with the curriculum. Participants make creative, active and meaningful choices and develop new skills. She also teaches Bollywood, Argentine Tango, Jive, Musical Theatre and Contemporary dance.
©Karina Gracia
Karina Gracia
Karina Gracia leads dance workshops in traditional world dance forms including Flamenco, Bollywood, African, Samba, Greek and Belly dance. Short routines are taught in a fun and inspiring way.
© daisi
Denise Rowe
Denise Rowe runs PanAfrican dance workshops in Senegaleese, Ghanaian, Zimbabwean and South African styles. She includes songs and rhythms and works with a drummer.
Matthew Macklin
Matthew Macklin leads break dance and street dance workshops. He has experience working with students in pupil referral units and young people with special needs.
Florence Briot
Florence offers workshops based on the Indian classical dance form of Bharata Natyam. Florence's work celebrates and tells the stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
Rebecca Jeffrey
Rebecca Jeffrey helps children experience African culture through traditional and contemporary African dance. She can also include costumes, storytelling and food!
© Lucy Tullett
Lucy Tullett
Lucy provides creative dance classes with a highly physical contemporary movement style. Strudents can create their own movement and explore themes from the wider curriculum.   
©Mandi Wall
Mandi Wall
Mandi specialised in all aspects of street dance & freestyle. Workshops involve 'Diversity' style routines, robotic movement, hip hop, break dance, and formation work.