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Environmental Art

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©Lauren Ballard
Lauren Ballard
Lauren Ballard leads sculpture and site-specific artwork workshops -indoor/outdoor, made from second-use and natural materials; to creatively explore environmental issues.
© Chris Holland
Chris Holland (Wholeland)
Chris Holland leads environmental arts workshops using natural materials. His mission is to help teachers and children get connected to nature and use their outdoor spaces more for playful learning..
© Sara Sullivan 
Sara Sullivan 
Sara Sullivan  runs evironmental art workshops, including using natural or recycled materials, earth drawings, sculpture and working with willow.
© Ali Roscoe
Ali Roscoe
The Art of Recycling and Recreating is a central theme in Ali Roscoe's workshops and encourages children to take a 'second look' at waste and then see it as a valuable resource for artistic development.
©Peter Margerum
Peter Margerum
Peter Margerum runs sculpture workshops using recycled scrap materials and objects. The sculptures can include hand operated moving parts and sound making features.