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Photo ©Chartwell Dutiro
Chartwell Dutiro
Chartwell Dutiro leads Zimbabwean music, singing, dancing and storytelling workshops, using the mbira.
Photo © Chris Holland
Chris Holland (Wholeland)
Chris Holland gives demonstrations and workshops in playing the didgeridoo, overtone singing and percussion from around the world.
Photo ©Peter Kyrke-Smith
Peter Kyrke-Smith
Peter Kyrke-Smith has written and composed more than a dozen original musical shows for children & young people, and works with a drama/dance colleague to create a performance in a single day!
Photo © Sara Roberts
Denis Kigongo
Denis Kigongo runs African drumming workshops.
Photo © Ali Roscoe
Doug King-Smith
Doug King-Smith offers an insight into Mongolian, Tibetan and Australian Aboriginal culture through their overtone singing, meditation bowls and didgeridoo.
Photo ©Hugh Nankeville
Hugh Nankeville
Hugh leads composing, playing and songwriting workshops. He creates new songs, compositions and musical games when working with children. He writes songs about everything from allotments to penguins!
Photo ©Jon Sterckx
Jon Sterckx and Ricky Romain
Professional musicians Jon Sterckx (tabla) and Ricky Romain (sitar) lead workshops which give and introduction to Indian Classical Music.
Photo © Christoffer de Graal
Christoffer de Graal (MovingSound)
Christoffer works with children and young people to create music using instruments from around the world, and helps them to invent movement, take part, listen and watch. The group communicates and expresses its ideas to make stories, music and dance to perform and show to each other.