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Craft and design

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©Lucy Jackson
Lucy Jackson
Lucy Jackson works with young people using natural and dyed sheep's fleece and the process of felt making to create pictures and wall hangings.
©Ruth Oakley
Ruth Oakley
Ruth Oakley runs a wide variety of craft workshops including ceramics, printmaking, batik, wall hangings and decorating toa sticks.
©John Roberts
John Roberts
The picture shows a willow and tissue tiger sculpture, made during a workshop with John Roberts.
©Lucy Rockliffe
Lucy Rockliffe
Lucy Rockliffe runs ceramic workshops, encouraging children to experiment with the tactile nature of clay, and to work on ceramic murals and sculptures.
©Anne Smyth
Anne Smyth
Anne Smyth runs glass making workshops, colouring and texturing and using recycled materials in glass making. 
©Cara Roxanne
Cara Patterson
Cara Patterson is an illustrator and designer. She runs visual art and craft workshops including bookbinding, puppet and mask making. 
©Tracy Whitbread
Tracy Whitbread
Tracy Whitbread is a visual artist offering workshops in mask making, collage projects and wall hangings using a wide range of materials.
©Jane Stevens
Jane Stevens
Jane Stevens runs mosaic workshops for children and communities to make either their own individual mosaic, or to create together a larger work, incorporating their own images into the design..