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©Peter Margerum
Peter Margerum
Peter Margerum runs sculpture workshops using recycled scrap materials and objects, and also creating carved wooden sculptures, integrating words.
©Lauren Ballard
Lauren Ballard
Lauren Ballard works with sculpture and site-specific artworks made from second-use and natural materials, to creatively explore environmental themes on a local and global scale.
©Lucy Jackson
Lucy Jackson
Lucy Jackson makes sculptures, hangings, and puppets from driftwood and found materials. She also works with young people on all stages of mural/wallhanging design, planning and production.
©Windrush Willow
Windrush Willow
Windrush Willow make living willow structures, such as domes and tunnels, and run workshops making sculptures and garden structures from dried willow.
©James Lake
James Lake
James Lake runs sculpture workshops for all age ranges. He primarily works in the medium of cardboard, but can also use wire, and recycled materials. James works on figurative pieces as well as smaller scale projects linked to a particular curriculum area.
©Annie-Marie Moss
Anne-Marie Moss
Anne-Marie Moss leads 3D sculpture workshops, simple fun and rewarding stone carving for all ages 6+. Other materials used include plaster of paris (moulding and building with), clay, junk modelling, willow and pumpkins!
Stefan Jennings
Stefan Jennings leads sculpture workshops using wood, willow and other natural materials.
©Darrell Wakelam
Darrell Wakelam
Darrell Wakelam leads 3D sculpture, model and mask-making workshops using card, junk and paper maché.