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Pricing structure

Below is a price guide for Daisi standard services and activities. All these prices are subsidised by the support from our funders.

In order to maintain the highest quality in all our projects Daisi regularly reviews its fee structure and offer to artists to ensure that fees are in line with the regional and national norm.

Daisi advice, support and information service FREE
Daisi project management service
1 artist day (from 01/09/15)
From £350 plus travel and materials. Discounts may be available for eligible school bookings of more than one day (with the same artist).  

Daisi Artworks collection £140 per week (whole collection) or £15 per week per item

Costs for one day and longer projects, shorter events, training and INSET, may vary according to individual project features, whether the project has attracted additional funding or the individual requirements of a particular artist or setting.

Please contact Daisi if you would like advice on how to raise money to pay for our services, or examples of how other settings and learning communities have funded their projects. Arts Council England also provide an information sheet on other sources of funding for the arts, which you can find on their website.