Enhancing wellbeing in Devon communities through commissioned arts participation

Key to the arts wave devon approach is the principle of co-creation: developing arts activities with communities to support local wellbeing needs.  arts wave devon worked in all 31 of Devon’s learning community areas during Devon County Council’s arts participation commission, focusing in particular on creating opportunities with young people, older people, and disabled people.

arts wave devon is a commission-ready consortium of four arts organisations:  Daisi, The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Dance in Devon, and Wolf and Water.

14,157 people participated in arts wave devon 2013-16 through 941 participatory arts sessions with 90 local artists and 115 local partners.  Participants reported that they:

  1.  Increased their creative skills and knowledge
  2. Felt more confident
  3. Increased their sense of wellbeing
  4. Engaged in artistic activities; and that
  5. Community organisations worked more collaboratively

“I loved every second. My favourite part was performing in the show. I learnt to be confident in myself and believe in myself.”

young person, aged 13, Tiverton

“I’ve enjoyed learning something new each week, friendship, and making things I never expected to be able to do! Got me out of the house and meeting new people.  I’ve loved it.”

Sheila, Torrington

Click here to read more about arts wave devon , including its outcomes report, Executive Summary for commissioners, and short film.

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