FREE online event – Music Leaders Reflect

Music leaders reflect on what COVID -19 can teach us about inclusive practice, you are invited to join them in conversation.

Music leaders from Devon and Torbay reflect on their exploration into how COVID-19 has impacted upon their inclusive practice and their young people’s music making opportunities and experiences – across our primarily rural and seaside-town region. You are invited to join them in conversation: hear about their lines of inquiry and findings; share and reflect upon your own learning in dialogue with others; consider how this learning can inform inclusive practice going forward.

This free, informal event is brought to you by Daisi to create an opportunity for music leaders, music teachers, and all those interested in young people’s music education and opportunities to meet and think about what the extreme conditions of COVID-19 have taught us about inclusive music practice. Music Leaders from Daisi’s Soundwaves have each explored a theme relevant to their own practice and will share their findings through short provocations followed by opportunity for questions and small group discussions. If you want to find out more before registering please do not hesitate to contact Daisi via email at

Daisi music leaders work with young people in non-formal and formal education settings including youth club, health, play, social care, school. Their research themes include: engagement with digital platforms; what matters most to young people now; dynamic partnerships in time of crisis; rural isolation, and how to keep alive the essence of successful shared music making with vulnerable young people in new working structures.