Daisi’s Mentoring Programme

For the past four years, we’ve been running a highly successful mentoring programme, working with emerging music leaders across Devon and Torbay. We believe that in order to become musically inclusive we need to develop our workforces, equip them with the values and skills to feed into and strengthen the existing music provision.

It really has been an honour and life-changing year working with Daisi and DYS Space. It’s built up my confidence to apply for the vocal job at JJ’s, so thank you for all the support again.

Becky Grinham, trainee music leader

You can find out more about of our workforce development here

Video Updates

Here is a short video from Baz, talking about his work at the Bideford music day, giving young people in north Devon the chance to perform and showcase their talent.  Baz has been working in youth clubs and sheltered housing centres, working with groups and 1:1 tutoring sessions in challenging environments. His skills and confidence has grown hugely, especially with the help of his mentor Sam Lythgoes Jones, together they are finding ways to break down the barriers that prevent access to music eduction.

Leonie reflects on what she’s been learning over the past few months working at Bsharp, with her mentor, Jacques Verhaeren. She is expanding her skills by working in a variety of settings with a range of ages and abilities. Over her time working with Daisi and Bsharp, Leonie has been building her skills and confidence and is now leading sessions with young people. She has also been working with our last year’s trainee music leader Ellie Kirtley, who has since her mentoring programme finished has continued working at Bsharp.

The three mentees had a slightly different start to their mentoring journey’s, as they began at the start of the pandemic. So they had to learn to navigate online working and especially how to be inclusive through virtual sessions. She has, since this video, been working at in person at the Hive, growing her confidence and leading sessions and has since secured a job working at JJ’s academy.