Teacher Nurture: Choreograph your Class

For specialists and novices alike, these friendly, supportive series’ of three online twilight sessions aim to ignite (or re-ignite!) the flame of inspiration and confidence for you, as a creative person and as a teacher or TA.  

During this series, you will work with Dance Artist Clare Parker to gain skills in planning and teaching creative dance.  

dance workshops and CPD for teachers

Clare will introduce you to the five basic actions of dance and the four elements of dance (action, space, dynamics, relationships) in a fun, inclusive and creative way. Together we will explore how these can be applied within dance classes, as well as in lessons exploring other topics from across the curriculum; to enable you to apply and adapt your new skills to your classroom, curriculum or projects, especially for kinaesthetic learners. 

The sessions will be suitable for all whatever your physical experience, mobility or confidence in leading dance and movement. The workshops will be fun, open and allow time to discuss and ask questions.  

With a maximum of 15 participants from both primary and secondary schools, sessions blend individual exercises with discussion and time to explore how to apply your learning to the needs and abilities of your students.    

Each session will:  

  • Explore a new technique 

  • Build upon the previous week’s technique 

  • ask questions and explore how you can embed your new skills into your working day  

  • offer a piece of practical homework, for you – or even better, for your class  

dance workshops in school


Dates:  Coming Soon 

Time:  3.45 – 5.45pm.  The first 15 minutes will be a quiet exercise allowing time for you to arrive, break (and fix) the computer, recover from your day, gather materials, drink tea and switch your mind into a gently creative space.  

Cost: Under review

Earlybird booking: 10% discount booking  

Materials:  You will need a clear, safe space to move in – for example, your classroom with table and chairs moved to make a space. If you need to be seated, please use a suitable safe chair for movement. 

Booking: To book your place, please complete the form below.  Your place is confirmed once invoicing details are received.  Zoom details will be emailed to you the day before the first session.  

*If more than one teacher or TA is attending from your school: Please each attend from a different computer in a different classroom or at home.  We ask for no more than three participants from one school, to foster a sense of connection between all participants. 

dance and choreography workshops

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dance and choreography workshops