The Melting Pot

In May 2023, Daisi held a one-day showcase of young North Devon musical talent. The Melting Pot was hosted at the Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington and provided two spaces for over 50 young people aged between 11 and 18 to perform. The event was led by local Music leaders, Sam Lythgoe-Jones and Baz Bix, with an amazing support group of young people, youth workers and Daisi staff.

”We were so impressed with the whole day. Everyone was so supportive of the acts and the atmosphere was great.”

Hannah Martin, Parent of a performer

The Main auditorium stage – had over 12 acts during the day. From solo artists, to duets and bands. Each performance lasted approximately 15 mins, allowing the young musicians to perform a range of their chosen work. With professional lighting and sound provided by the Plough, the young people had a chance to experience what it felt like to perform in front of a live audience in a professional venue. 

In the main foyer of the Plough Arts Centre, we set up a small acoustic stage. Some performers played in multiple bands on the main stage, so having the opportunity to perform on their own in a much more intimate space, was a great experience. The acoustic, Cafe Stage, had a wide range of musical genres, including; a folk ensemble, solo singer-songwriters and a daughter and father duet.

”Well organised and run by Sam, Baz, Lola and the team. Great Venue too. We are lucky to have something like this so close to us. Imagine how good they will be in a couple of years time!”

Alex, Parent of a performer

”Thank you to everyone who arranged this and everyone who watched, it was an amazing opportunity, hope to see you all soon.”

Hayden Becker, Performer