Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Every child has access to the exceptional, inspirational, life-changing power of the arts.

“The arts are a positive force in society: children feel more confident in their ability to create, challenge and explore, to be part of society, and to make change happen. Access to the arts is access to our national life, and it is a social justice issue.”  Why the Arts Matter, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Our Mission

Increasing children and young people’s access to inclusive, relevant, high-quality arts participation, contributing to their education, health and wellbeing.

Our Values

  1. Access to the arts is every child’s right, with life-changing benefits
  2. Young people are an essential voice in how their arts and cultural offer is developed, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic even more than ever
  3. Inclusion is front and centre of everything that we do and we strive to improve on this in every aspect of Daisi life.   By inclusion we mean that we actively tailor our practice to create equitable access to Daisi, and that reflecting the diversity of our communities within Daisi increases our creativity and our impact
  4. People are our most valuable asset and taking care of our working practice so that everyone can bring their best selves to our shared purpose is a priority for us

Objectives – our Change Drivers

1. Youth Voice

Bring Daisi into direct dialogue with young people leading to a unique raft of young people-led activities and progression routes. These will complement the existing (local and beyond) young people’s offer, and influence Daisi practice, programmes and governance

We will do this by:

  • Exploring models of youth voice and leadership within our creative projects, and sharing this learning across our region and beyond
  • Developing a range of opportunities through which young people influence Daisi governance and direction (including Young Trustees, and a youth advisory group)
  • Seeking partnership and collaboration opportunities through which we increase, improve, and make more visible young people’s progression routes, and young people’s influence on programming and practice across our region and beyond

2. Digital

Consolidate and increase digital practice learning (including from COVID-19) to take forward the very best of digital, face-to-face, and blended approaches.  This will lead to increased access, increased quality and relevance, and increased impact for beneficiaries.

We will do this by:

  • Developing a range of digital and blended products that thoughtfully integrate face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences to create very best value
  • Exploring and testing hybrid working practices, enabling us over time to discover whether, and how, strong hybrid working can best deliver on Daisi business and support staff to do their very best work
  • Pursuing our Digital Strategy: creating multi-directional access to Daisi value, which creates a step-change to Daisi outputs and impact

3. Collaboration

Enhance and strengthen our work with partners and in collaborations, demonstrating leadership.  These partnerships will build evidence-based needs analysis and address findings with improved, joined-up, visible, inclusive and diverse young people’s cultural offer.

We will do this by:

  • Leading and joining partnerships and collaborations which extend our reach, share and develop our practice, and ultimately improve more vulnerable young people’s cultural offer
  • Lead and collaborate with partners to build evidence-based needs analysis and increase strategic direction for everyone
  • Build on our track record of investment by Youth Music, driving forward improvement in sustainable, inclusive young people’s music opportunities and positively strengthening the effectiveness of the local Music Education Hubs

4. Artist Relationships

Enhance Daisi’s relationship with artists, increasing dialogue, models of partnership, and learning and support opportunities.  This will augment the value of being a Daisi artist and artist influence on Daisi practice, programmes and governance.

We will do this by:

  • In line with our EDI plan, increasing diversity in our artist partnerships, and promoting diversity and inclusion more visibly in our messaging
  • Exploring alternative models in our artist partnerships, for example the artist: as co-designer at the instigation of a project idea; as shared risk-taker in a new product development; as collaborating team in the development of a new innovation
  • Increasing our visibility among our artist partners, our dialogue with them, and our training and networking opportunities.  Artists will gain increased support from Daisi, and increasingly influence Daisi direction, practice and programme.  We will move forward on shaping what it means to be a Daisi artist, in dialogue with artists

5. Extending our Reach

Maximise access to the legacy of benefit from previous investment in Daisi research and development projects, through developing Daisi products that reach young people experiencing barriers to engagement.  This will increase the range of children’s services sectors (including health and wellbeing) who utilise the arts to achieve positive outcomes for their young people.

We will do this by:

  • Launching and iterating a strong, fit-for-purpose range of Daisi customer-focused products that create permanent (i.e., not project-based) access to Daisi offer
  • Developing products which facilitate the embedding of the arts in children’s services, especially for the benefit of more vulnerable children, and in new markets that are not yet established for Daisi (such as service delivery in children’s health and social care)
  • Delivering our communications strategy to effectively engage with and demonstrate our value to existing and new target funders, partners and users

6. Financial Independence

Increase Daisi’s business sustainability by building financial independence, including achieving earned income of at least 22% (and closer to 30% if possible) of total annual income by year 3.

We will do this by:

  • Establishing a layer of predictable income through a strong, fit-for-purpose range of Daisi customer-focused products that create a permanent (i.e., not project-based) access to Daisi offer.
  • Re-activating our plans to develop private giving at Daisi (put on hold during COVID-19) including individuals, corporates, and trusts and foundations
  • Increasing the size and length of projects and contracts to support longer-term planning, and increased opportunity for in-depth work and embedding of learning