Our Vision, Mission and Values


Daisi’s vision is for artistic and cultural experience to be at the heart of young people’s lives and learning


To promote arts and culture within communities, especially for the young


  1. engagement with the arts positively transforms lives
  2. we celebrate and share young people’s artistic achievements and the contribution they make to culture
  3. young people need champions like Daisi to maximise their engagement with arts and culture
  4. the impact of our work is increased through partnership and collaboration

Strategic Objectives

  1. develop the capacity and capability within communities to create inspiring artistic and cultural opportunities by, with and for young people
  2. develop artistic and cultural opportunities by, with and for all young people including those who are vulnerable, have additional needs or exceptional talent
  3. strengthen Daisi’s strategic role as a leader and participant in sustainable artistic initiative and innovation within communities and especially with young people

Operational Objectives

To achieve these Strategic Objectives, Daisi adopts supporting strategies that include:

  1. developing beneficial partnerships by initiating, developing and sustaining creative and strategic partnerships across and beyond the arts and education sectors which create new opportunities within communities and secure and diversify Daisi’s income sources
  2. developing our partnership practice with professional artists and creative practitioners by maintaining and developing best practice in engagement of professional artists and creative practitioners equipped to achieve the aspirations of our programme
  3. developing our evidence base by documenting the impact of Daisi’s work on positive outcomes for children and young people to inform future work, support Daisi’s ability to influence policy and practice and strengthen Daisi’s ability to secure future contracts
  4. supporting regional and national initiatives by promoting initiatives that improve young peoples opportunities and progression routes in the arts
  5. ensuring that Daisi is an organisation fit for purpose by committing to continued organisation and systems development