Animated printing in the museum

Artist: Tanya Morel

Participants: primary age year 5/6

Venues: Lady Seaward’s Primary School, Clyst St George

Aims of activity: to create a short animated film, inspired by RAMM collections, using printmaking to create the animation frames

Activity: The young people each chose an object from the RAMM collections as the subject of their animated film. After drawing their object, they then designed a series of monotype plates using foam sheets stuck to card. Each series was designed such that a single element of the design altered between plates, so that it appeared to move when animated. The plates were printed, and then the series animated using HUE Animation Studio.

Creative processes used: monotype printmaking, animation using HUE Animation Studio


  • The animated printmaking technique helped the students engage with an object from the collection that interested them, by getting them to design a way to animate it (eg. make it move, grow or interact with its environment)
  • The students and teachers found the technique of animated printmaking produced high quality results


  • While many young people had created animated films before, the concept of using printmaking to create the frames was new to them

Artwork created by children from Lady Seaward’s Primary school at RAMM