Artist Q&A Sessions

Artist Q&A Sessions

Bring a practicing artist into your class to share selected pieces of their work and answer all the children’s questions.  From the finances of selling artworks to what inspires them; from their feelings about the environment to the difference between commissioned and independent work, an artist’s practice is intensely personal and our artists are ready to explore it with your students, in small groups or with a whole class. 

Each Q&A session is supported by a Daisi Bytes film, which introduces young people to the techniques, thought processes, studio and career of the artist they will be meeting.  Films can be shared ahead of the session with the participating group and the wider school community, nurturing excitement and appreciation of the visit. Each film is approximately 10-15 minutes long and is supported by accompanying Teacher’s Notes, to encourage class discussion and offer prompts for follow-on activities. 

Sessions are for KS1 upwards, are flexible for the needs of each Key Stage and are: 

  • Connected to one of four artists and their availability 
  • Cost £270 for a half-day of delivery, including travel 
  • Designed for a specified number of sessions and children per day: 
    • Small groups – up to six sessions of twenty minutes, with up to eight students in each group
    • Whole class (KS2 upwards) – up to three sessions of forty minutes, with up to 30 students in each group

Which Artist?

Follow the link below to find out about the four Daisi artists who are available to share their experiences.

We are in the process of developing further Ready-to-Go Workshops. If our current offer doesn’t quite meet your needs, or you are looking for workshops in dance, music, drama or other art forms, please explore our Bespoke Workshops and Projects pages, from which you will be able to make an enquiry. 

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“The children were so excited to meet a real-life artist (that they had first seen on screen!) They loved finding out about him and his life and being able to ask him questions!”

Clair Turvey, Teacher at Wynstream Primary School