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Welcome to our audio library, please find some of the brilliant audio, songs and podcasts, created from across our Inclusive Music Programme to date.

“White Moon” Created by Tilly Croose at Doorstep Youth Theatre for their youth led project White Moon, which is part of our Music specific Leadership work with Doorstep Arts.
“Nina and Taz’s Song” – Created by two participants of Doorsteps arts Young SongWriters Project. Which has been featuring emerging musicians at Doorstep and giving them the opportunity to take on leadership roles and mentor younger songwriters, to create collaborative pieces of music.
“Perfect not pink” – This was created by young women who took part in small project with Music leader Laura Forster and trainee music leader Charlie Palmer. They helped the young women to express their views through song writing and digital music making the young women were inspired by the suffrage movement and feminism, and wrote, produced and sang this song as a response to these ideas.
‘Alice’ – This was written and performed by the young people who attend the Soundwaves Music Mondays session with Doorstep Arts. The song was designed and written to accompany the theatre performance of Alice in wonderland, with Doorsteps Devon Youth Theatre group.
“Rubys Song” – Created in the Asrus and Play Torbay group working with young people and Play Torbay to establish a continuing programme which can support and develop young leaders and to progress musical skills.
“Magic School bus” – A podcast created by and for young people as a part of the Dartmouth caring group project, to bridge the gap of isolation and loneliness when moving from primary to secondary school, so the young people could express their views and give advice and guidance to others experiencing the same feelings.
“Matlock house lullaby” – created in a project with our Soundwaves music leader Laura Forster and trainee Charlie Palmer working with young mums to support them and their babies to explore music and connect with one another through song writing and singing.

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