Augmented Reality Case Study

Artist: James Hedge

Participants: 21 students year 5 or 6 from Kenn Primary School

Aims of activity: For students to create an animated gif that is revealed through Augmented Reality

Activity: Children created a trigger image, and also an animated gif. They created the gifs by chosing a printed image, and making 6 drawings relating from this image. These drawings were then captured using a video camera and iStopmotion Animated gifs files were created from iStopmotion using .gif export option.

The gif was revealed when their trigger image was scanned using an Augmented Reality app HP Reveal.

Creative processes used: drawing, stop motion animation


  • Students took part in a wide range of creative processes including drawing, design and stop motion animation
  • Students learnt about the process of creating an animated gif
  • Students explored the concept of augmented reality
  • The young people explored Augmented Reality and learnt how to create a trigger image and revealed artwork.
  • The young people enjoyed the open-ended creative opportunity


  • The creative experience for the young people had both digital and traditional elements that worked well together.
  • Creating animated gifs and augmented reality were both new processes for the young people.


  • The young people needed to access tablets to make the workshop feasible, with relevant apps already downloaded. The school was well resourced, so this was possible in this instance.
  • With 21 children, one scanner and one computer the process of creating the animated gifs ‘bottle necked’ so it was difficult finishing the pieces