Augmented Reality Insects

Artist: Cara Roxanne

Participants: 8 students age 13, 14 with hearing impairments from Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education

Venue: RAMM, Exeter

Museum Objects: Insect collections from the ‘Fly on the Wall’ Gallery

Aims of activity: Using the museum objects as the initial inspiration, the aim of the sessions was for the young people to explore Augmented Reality, and create their own trigger images and creative artwork.

Activity: The young people looked at insect specimens in RAMM’s fly on the wall gallery and chose objects to draw and photograph. From their drawings they then each designed a both, graphic black and white sticker as a trigger image for their Augmented Reality pieces. Back at school the following day, the young people created a piece of artwork about their chosen insect which would be displayed when their trigger image was scanned with the Augmented Reality app Aurasma. Their creative pieces were made using drawing, photography and animation using drawn and cut out images and found objects.

Creative processes used: drawing using traditional media, digital photography, Augmented Reality app Aurasma, animation package Stop Motion App on iPad.


The young people explored Augmented Reality and learnt how to create a trigger image and revealed artwork.

The young people enjoyed the open-ended creative opportunity


The creative experience for the young people had both digital and traditional elements that worked well together.


The young people needed to each have access to a tablet to make the workshop feasible. The school was well resourced, and the small number of students in this workshop made this possible.

What people said:

“We all thoroughly enjoyed Cara’s workshop, it really opened up the creative minds of our young people” Claire Eaton, Lead ICT Teacher, Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education

“The museum’s butterfly collection turned out to be the perfect subject! It was a fascinating project to be a part of” Teacher, Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education