Bespoke Projects: Process-Based Workshops

Bespoke Projects: Process-based Workshops

Imagine the freedom to experiment … When you host a workshop in which the process, experience or skills are the primary focus, not only do you find that your project costs less, but you invite creativity to take centre stage.  From feltmaking to breakdance, and animation to storytelling, music and drama, Daisi artists offer an array of awe-inspiring techniques, imagination and insight that can connect with children in a completely different way to their daily learning.   

What will my project cost?

Case Study: Whole School Breakdance

Stoke Hill Infant School worked with Daisi artist Matthew Macklin to create a dance routine that enabled the whole school to come together in outdoor celebration.

With a structure that incorporated simple choreographed steps as well as opportunities to ‘freestyle’, the day balanced both physical development and creativity.  Matthew ran short sessions with an incredible nine classes in one day, and the project cost £515. 

“… every child L O V E D their session with him, we have danced together several times as a school to the Jerusalema track and so many children have begged to dance again” – Sarah McKay, Headteacher at Stoke Hill Infant School

Case Study: Illustrating Identity

Year 10 at Dawlish Community College were working on a project around identity and asked Daisi to explore the theme in a 2d artform, “providing pupils with a new set of skills and experiences.”  Daisi artist and illustrator James Hedge worked with students to develop photo montages, which they refined and unified with pencil and paint to convey important messages about what matters to them.

James worked with two groups of 23 for one day each, referencing Surrealism and DADA along the way.  The project cost £820 and as a Teignbridge School, was subsidised by a grant from The Helen Foundation.

“The 2-day workshop was a great success for all, James has made a real impact on our students GCSE portfolios” – Emily Parr, Teacher at Dawlish Community College 

Case Study: Made from Mud

Bassetts Farm Primary School worked with Daisi to bring new skills and knowledge to their enrichment week ‘Made from Mud’.  Over three days, Daisi artist Anna Boland worked with eight KS2 classes to create clay sculptures inspired by local marine ecosystems. Each session developed children’s technique appropriate to their age and experience.

The project cost £975 in addition to materials, which were bought by the school, and was funded through the school’s curriculum budget for enrichment experiences. 

What an incredible experience they had, with creativity and freedom that engaged all alongside the technical skills and knowledge being taught incredibly well.”  Jodie Jennings, Teacher at Bassetts Farm Primary School

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“Dancing outside with Matt, to such a great track gave children lots of opportunity to express themselves, and to do this collectively with their class was actually very special, very collective, very safe, and very bonding”

Sarah McKay, Headteacher at Stoke Hill Infant School