Bespoke Workshops and Projects

Bespoke Workshops and Projects

Do you have a specific vision of how you’d like to work with an artist?  It may be an unusual art form that you’d like the children to experience, a specific theme that you’d like to explore through a creative lens, an installation for the school grounds, or a project to raise the confidence of a targeted group.  Daisi will identify the best placed artist to respond to your vision and work with school and artist to develop a project that meets your needs and even takes your ideas to a new level. 

Bespoke projects can last for as little as a day or extend to a week and beyond, depending on the outcomes, number of students and, of course, your budget. 

Follow the links below for further information and inspiration from past projects. 

Process-based Workshops

One-off experiences that build confidence, practical skills and creativity.

Temporary Displays and Performances  

Short projects with a tangible outcome.

Outdoor or Permanent Installations

More ambitious projects with a lasting presence in the school.

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“Many, many children in our school have loved working with a range of artists, musicians and taking part in dance festivals organised by Daisi, over the past 10 years. FABULOUS! The impact of their drive and expertise can be summed in one memorable comment from a child in our school, after a Daisi workshop:’ I didn’t think I could do art until today. That’s what I’ll be one day, an artist, because it’s a happy thing to be.”

Angie Lunn, Teacher at Kenton Primary School