Colour Mixing with Paint

Colour Mixing with Paint

Work with an experienced Daisi artist to discover the eternal art of colour mixing.  In this session, participants will explore paint in a way that’s appropriate to their age range.  They will mix a range of colours and compare the effects across the class, developing their ability to discuss the impact and feelings elicited by different colours.

Through a series of short activities, the session breaks down the process of paint mixing for both colour and consistency, before exploring ways to use, present and share the array of colours produced. 

When booking your session, you will be able to communicate the cross-curricular topics that your class are working on.  Where possible, the artist will gently incorporate this theme into the final activity. 


Suitable age group:  Activities are adapted to meet the needs of each year group, from KS1 – KS2 

Curriculum links:  Art and Design 

Cost: £430* for one day 

*Cost covers one day of workshops, including administration, preparation and delivery, materials and travel. Additional days of the same workshop cost £275 per day.

Times and numbers:  The workshop is available in one of the following formats: 

  • Two classes of up to 30 children for two hours each, in one day 
  • One class of up to 30 children for one day, as a deeper and even more valuable experience  

Materials: Learners will work with poster paint, watercolour or acrylic, depending on the age group and artist

Key Learning Outcomes


  • Participants can mix a range of shades of one secondary colour 
  • Participants can use a brush to paint with an appropriate thickness and consistency 
  • Participants use a range of vocabulary to discuss different colours and how they are made 

KS2 (Year 3 / 4):  

  • Participants can plan how to mix a given colour before doing so 
  • Participants can describe secondary colours, considering the quantity of other colours within it and the impact they have 
  • Participants can control the consistency of their paint with water and application 

KS2 (Year 5 / 6): 

  • Participants can mix colours in response to a given brief 
  • Participants can correct a colour they have mixed through selecting and adding small amounts of paint  
  • Participants can evaluate and discuss the colours created by themselves and others 

About the Artist   

The workshop will be delivered by a Daisi artist experienced in painting and in breaking these techniques down to their core components.  As these are essential skills for many visual artists, a number of Daisi artists are able to deliver this workshop, and will be identified based on availability. 

What’s next?   

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“The children positively commented on how nice it was to have the experience of working with a working artist. Also explained how they developed their understanding of various paint applications. They were very proud of the final pieces!”

Teacher at Westcliff Primary School