Creating and Projecting GIFS

Artist: Tony Minnion

Museum Objects: Object selection including mask, miner’s lamp, and mounted bird from Plymouth History Centre

Participants: 15 students age 15/16

Date: 6th and 7th July 2017

Venue: Kingsbridge Community College, Kingsbridge, Devon

Aims of activity: Creating and projecting animated gifs on the theme of identity, with an emphasis on changing identity, transformation and progression using objects from Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.

Activity: The young people documented the museum objects through drawing and digital photography. They used the images generated to create mono screen prints on fabric. They also created animated gifs of the drawing process by speed drawing and recording development of work every 30 seconds. Animated gifs were then created by layering drawn, printed and photographed work and images in Photoshop, which were then projected onto scale models and the students’ own bodies, filmed and had audio effects and a soundtrack added. These were finally combined in MS Powerpoint as multimedia presentations

Creative processes used: Digital photography, screen printing/mono-printing, drawing, creating animated gifs in Photoshop, projecting images and making short films including adding sound.


  • Young people used museum objects as a source for individual, independent creative work
  • Young people gained awareness of museum collections, and understood that they could be used as an inspiration source for creative digital artwork
  • Students and Kingsbridge staff explored and learnt new approaches to developing digital artwork
  • Students used their own smartphones in new creative ways throughout the workshops


  • The digital outputs (animated gifs and films created by projecting animated gifs) exposed the students to new ways of working, and they therefore explored new digital skills and processes
  • The complexity of interplay between traditional and digital techniques were innovative and new for project artist, school staff and students


The project artist found it challenging with the museum objects selected for this project, with little background or contextual information, to demonstrate to the students how to meaningfully engage with the museum objects, and translate that engagement into creative work.

“I gave the museum curator a brief for the kind of themes we would work with but I didn’t have any active involvement in choosing the objects, this meant I was responding not choosing” Project artist


“I haven’t been to any of the museums before, except one in London, I didn’t even know they had an online collection” Young person

“I think a visit to the museum would have been a far richer place to start” Teacher