Daisi Artist – Monica Shanta Brown

I am a multi-media visual artist and curator.

My own art work is a collage of textiles, food, digital film, installations, performance, drawing…… I use whatever materials suit an idea. I exhibit my work, and sometimes I curate exhibitions with other artists work. You can see some of my work at www.monica-shanta.net.

My artwork is inspired by everyday human experiences of living. Sometimes I focus on the most basic human activities, such as Eating and Breathing, which can open endless roads to creativity and discovery. I also often use stories as starting points for art work; we can all find our own lives reflected in fables and fairy tales, and we can weave stories from our own lives.

Over the years I have been the lead artist for many projects in community and school environments. As well as working with students in mainstream Primary and Secondary Schools, I have worked with ‘At Risk‘ young people in a secure unit, with Permanently Excluded teenagers, Home Educated Children from across Devon, and young people with Learning Disabilities at a youth centre,

In education training I have delivered creative training sessions for PGCE students and for teachers.

I have run family drop-in workshops and adult art sessions for a very broad spectrum of people, including evening classes at Arts Centres, art workshops for adults with mild to severe physical and learning disabilities in gallery and community settings. Most recently I have worked with a range of charities helping people to combat mental health challenges and social isolation through creative art activities.

Throughout all my work I strive to share the magic of life in what we may otherwise experience as the humdrum and the every day. Whoever we are – Being creative and making art can be enjoyable, empowering, healing, up-lifting and profoundly rewarding. Art offers me the opportunity to share all of that by making art with other people.