Drawing Conversations: Expressing Emotions through Art

Drawing Conversations: Expressing Emotions through Art

Participants work with artist Monica-Shanta to explore how drawing communicates emotions.  

In this session, Monica takes participants through different approaches to drawing in a series of exercises which explore how we use our bodies to draw and how mark-making expresses and communicates emotion.  After individual activities, children will work in pairs and in groups to create collaborative ‘Drawing Conversations’ – an exercise which can become a powerfully focussed and bonding experience of visual talking and listening. 

Monica’s artistic practice is introduced ahead of the day by a short (15 minutes) ‘Daisi Bytes’ video which enables children to connect the activities with the wider cultural world, and can be shared with the entire school community in addition to workshop participants. 


Suitable age group:  KS2 upwards

Curriculum links:  Art and Design, PSHE, English 

Cost: £430* for one day 

*Cost covers one day of workshops, including administration, preparation and delivery, materials and travel. Additional days of the same workshop cost £275 per day. 

Times and numbers:  The workshop is available in the following format: 

  • One class of up to 30 children for one day*

*The workshop is also suitable for a smaller number of targeted children

Materials: Learners will work with a range of drawing media including charcoal, compressed charcoal, pastels and paint. 

Key Learning Outcomes


  • Participants understand the mark-making qualities of a range of media 
  • Participants can use drawing to express their feelings 
  • Participants can use drawing to develop their listening skills


  • Participants can use body awareness in different ways to expand their drawing skills 
  • Participants use drawn marks to communicate emotion 
  • Participants can use drawing to develop their listening skills 

About the Artist   

Monica’s visual arts practice spans drawing, digital image, installation, and performance. 

Born and brought up in the North-East of England, her practice draws inspiration from her mixed Indian and European cultural heritage.  Exploring the magical qualities of nature and everyday human experiences of life, she brings healing and up-lifting mindful practices into her creative process.  

Her work with young people supports them to build social connection and community through creativity. 


What’s next?   

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“Children who were a bit ‘scared’ of art are now very excited by it!”

Teacher at Wynstream Primary School