Drawing with Shade and Perspective

Drawing with Shade and Perspective

Work with an experienced Daisi artist to get to grips with the fundamentals of drawing.  In this session, participants will use a combination of careful observation and theory to understand how to create drawings with depth. 

Through a series of short activities, the session balances the use of mark making and shading with an exploration of shape, introducing concepts such as proportion and vanishing points with KS2. 

When booking your session, you will be able to communicate the cross-curricular topics that your class are working on.  Where possible, the artist will gently incorporate this theme into the final activity. 


Suitable age group:  Activities are adapted to meet the needs of each year group, from KS1 – KS2 

Curriculum links:  Art and Design 

Cost: £430* for one day 

*Cost covers one day of workshops, including administration, preparation and delivery, materials and travel. Additional days of the same workshop cost £275 per day.

Times and numbers:  The workshop is available in one of the following formats: 

  • Two classes of up to 30 children for two hours each, in one day 
  • One class of up to 30 children for one day, as a deeper and even more valuable experience 

Materials: Learners will work with at least two drawing media such as pencil, graphite, charcoal and chalk. 

Key Learning Outcomes


  • Participants can observe lighter and darker areas of an object 
  • Participants use lighter and darker marks to reflect their observations 
  • Participants consider the shape and size of elements in their drawing 

KS2 (Year 3 / 4):  

  • Participants can use shading techniques to reflect lighter and darker areas of an object 
  • Participants understand the effect of distance on the apparent size of objects
  • Participants can use proportion to compose their drawing

KS2 (Year 5 / 6): 

  • Participants can use shading to give depth to a drawing 
  • Participants gain an understanding of perspective to assist their observational drawing skills
  • Participants combine proportion and shading to bring a drawing into three dimensions

About the Artist   

The workshop will be delivered by a Daisi artist experienced in drawing techniques and in breaking these techniques down to their core components.  As these are essential skills for many visual artists, a number of Daisi artists are able to deliver this workshop, and will be identified based on availability. 

What’s next?   

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It was good to see how a skill can be taught to children of various abilities and how to enable a child to progress within an art lesson, no matter their starting points.” Chilufya Kasomo, All Saints Marsh Primary School 

Chilufya Kasomo, Teacher at All Saints Marsh Primary School