Exploring Tiverton’s buildings and stories

Primary school pupils had the opportunity to take a tour of Tiverton and the Tiverton Museum of Mid-Devon Life with Education and Outreach Officer Holly Jarrett. She led the children on a local history walk round Tiverton, taking in the Factory and its pioneering School, the Leat, community housing, John Street, Heathcoat Square, St Peter Street, and St Peter’s Church. Up to 16 children at a time were able to take part in these activities in the education room at the museum exploring life in Victorian times with handling boxes and in- role activities.  After the day out in Tiverton the children were joined by  Double Elephant Print artist, Fiona Lovell and Lead artist Sara Hurley. They made prints and wrote poems.  

This strand of the project allowed children to explore and chart the journey through time towards the Tiverton of today and the modern Heathcoats factory where parachute material for the Mars landing is manufactured and other highly technical fabrics. This 200-year timeline takes in the built environment of Tiverton Town as well as the lifestyles and philanthropy of the Heathcoat-Amory family.  

Tiverton-born artist Sara Hurley used archive photographs and family trees, maps and diaries as a stimulus for her creative sessions. Monica Shanta Brown has looked at and textures in her workshops, and she has led on the creation of the Dress which takes centre-stage in the exhibition.