FAQs: Daisi in Your School

FAQs: Daisi in Your School

How far in advance do I need to book an artist?

We request a minimum of three weeks’ notice to arrange your workshop.  However, the sooner you make contact, the better – more notice allows greater flexibility around dates and artists, and removes the time pressure when ironing out the details.  It’s ideal to arrange bigger projects six months or more ahead of the activity. 

Can I bring an artist into school during a Pandemic?

Yes. Daisi has looked closely at government guidance regarding safety during the pandemic. We continue to take note of changes to the guidance, and to amend our activity in order to prioritise the safety of our staff, our partner artists, the young people and their teachers and communities with whom we work. To share how we are responding to Covid-19 in terms of the safety of our activities, and to ensure that all partners involved in any Daisi activity reach a shared agreement on safe delivery prior to any activity taking place, we have created a Covid-19 guidance document in addition to our normal policies and procedures. The Daisi Covid-19 guidance is obligatory to any artist delivering for Daisi, the details of which will be emailed to you along with the contract.

Can I book an artist for my youth or community organisation?

Yes.  Please feel welcome to explore both Daisi’s Ready-to-Go workshops and Bespoke offer for your organization.  If your questions are not answered or you are concerned about the specific needs of your group, please contact us via admin@daisi.org.uk or the Bespoke Booking Enquiry Form to discuss your needs further. 

Can I book a workshop for adults?

Daisi’s mission is increasing children and young people’s access to inclusive, relevant, high-quality arts participation.  As such, we are unable to arrange programmes solely for adult groups, unless they also have a direct impact on young people (for example, Teacher Development, Family Programmes or Intergenerational Projects). 

How much does it cost?

Ready-to-Go workshops cost £270 for an Artist Q&A or £430 for a one day Visual Arts Workshop.
Bespoke Workshops and Projects cost from £400, depending on the timeframe, materials and outcomes, and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your budget.  This table will help you to anticipate the potential costs of your project. 

Are there any hidden costs?

We have worked hard to make all costs as transparent as possible. Ready-to-Go workshops have one set fee, which is described in the session description. The fee covers artist time, administration, materials and travel and there are no further costs. Bespoke workshops are costed based on artist time, materials and travel. This table gives you an overview of the budget required for your bespoke activity, considering all cost elements. We endeavour to communicated clearly about the costs throughout the arrangement of your activity.

How can I get funding to support my project?

If your school is in Teignbridge, you are eligible for an annual arts subsidy from The Helen Foundation – please make this clear when booking your workshop. 
Sometimes Daisi has funding to work with a small number of schools on specific projects.  Please sign up to our Arts Education Newsletter and look out for updates on our social media to keep informed. 
Although Daisi is unable to help with funding to support most projects, we are working on a list of organisations which may be local to you and are sometimes able to support school and community projects. Please contact Daisi if you would like a copy of this document.

After I complete a Booking Enquiry Form, what happens next?

  • Daisi confirms receipt within a few days and may then follow up with a few questions to clarify details. 
  • Bespoke Activities only: further email exchanges to refine ideas, media and budget. 
  • Daisi contacts an artist to check their interest and availability. 
  • Bespoke Activities only: further email exchanges to agree materials costs, develop ideas and other logistics. 
  • Daisi confirms final details with you. 
  • Daisi sends you a contract to sign and return.  The artist also receives a contract at the same time. 
  • You receive an invoice for the full cost of the workshop. 
  • The artist sends you a risk assessment and may contact you about details that arise as they finalise the plan. 
  • The workshop takes place. 
  • Daisi will contact you after the workshop to request feedback and if possible, photos. 
  • Depending on funding, you may have further obligations to the funder. 

What if I have to cancel my project?

If a project is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances (such as accident, sickness or bereavement), Daisi asks that the school and artist work together to reschedule the project.  If the cancellation occurs within two weeks of the activity and the activity cannot be rearranged, then a cancellation fee will apply. 

What if I feel that the end result is not what I asked for?

Daisi does all it can to ensure that its creative practitioners are offering high quality arts experiences and can communicate their knowledge and skills in an appropriate way for the participant group.  We also try to ensure that the school/organisation has completed any necessary preparatory work and that the participant and venue are fully prepared for the arrival of the creative practitioner. If a school/organisation or creative practitioner is not satisfied with the experience provided, Daisi will undertake to resolve any issues arising quickly and appropriately in accordance with our Complaints Policy relating to Short Projects. 

Remind me … why should I work with Daisi?

This infographic helps to summarise the benefits of working with Daisi:

For general questions, please visit FAQs: All things Daisi
For all remaining enquiries, please contact us via admin@daisi.org.uk

“It has always been a real pleasure to work with Daisi. The team are dedicated, professional, helpful and supportive, and it is clearly apparent that everyone involved has a genuine interest in promoting exciting and innovative arts experiences in school.”

Angie Lunn – Teacher at Kenton Primary School