Daisi Workshop Gift Vouchers

A selection of Daisi’s creative arts workshops are available to purchase as gift vouchers. These vouchers can be passed on to your local community youth group or setting across Devon and Torbay to redeem. Daisi workshops are delivered by our quality-assured, professional artists. We collaborate closely with artist and audience to adapt each workshop to the age and particular needs of the group.

Daisi are here to help you create the best possible creative experiences for the young people in your community.

What workshops are available as gift vouchers?

The following workshops, delivered by professional Daisi artists, are currently available as gift vouchers:

  • Workshop 1: Create colourful collage creatures which can be made into GIFs. This session will help participants come up with fun ways to create creatures from collage. With the option of animating them into short moving GIFs too.  Minimum participant age: 7 | Maximum number of participants: 16 (with adult helpers)
  • Workshop 2: Free up drawing and painting styles using spray and inks. Inspiration from illustrator Ronald Searle.  Using spray inks, inks, pencils and chalk this fun workshop will give participants the chance to loosen up your drawing and painting style to create colourful eye catching paintings. Minimum participant age: 7 | Maximum number of participants: 16 (with adult helpers)
  • Workshop 3: Songwriting and Instrument Workshop. Explore how to generate ideas for a song, and add instrument accompaniment to singing.  Minimum participant age: 8 | Maximum number of participants: 30 (with adult helpers)

What are the benefits?

Daisi’s ‘Gift a Workshops’:

  • are lots of fun and offer participants an opportunity to be inspired and share creative experiences 
  • teach new art forms, skills and techniques 
  • develop confidence, critical thinking skills, collaboration and curiosity 
  • support positive mental health
  • foster a new creative language between children and their youth leaders or teachers
  • have a positive effect on social and emotional development
  • help to promote community cohesion and engagement 

I didn’t think I could do art until today.  That’s what I’ll be one day, an artist, because it’s a happy thing to be.

young participant in a Daisi workshop.

Who could I gift a workshop to?

Here are some examples of the types of groups that you could gift a Daisi workshop to…

How much does it cost for a workshop gift voucher?

It costs £175 to gift a 1.5 hour Daisi arts workshop to your local community setting in Devon or Torbay. This cost covers planning, delivery, materials and travel for your artist.

Please contact Daisi if you would like advice on how to raise money to pay for a creative workshop gift voucher.  Arts Council England also provide an information sheet on other sources of funding for the arts, which you can find on their website.

How do I gift a workshop to my local community setting?

Please follow the link below to complete a purchase enquiry form for a Daisi workshop gift voucher. Once we receive your completed form you will receive an email with details on making payment and receiving the workshop voucher. If you would like to get in touch with any questions please email: admin@daisi.org.uk or contact us on 01392 494162.