Green Screen Case Study

Artist: Stuart Blackmore

Participants: 30 students year 5 or 6 from 2 Devon primary schools.

Aims of activity: For students to explore green screen technology

Children created drawings and stop-motion animations, and also acted mini plays. Their drawings, animations and filmed plays were combined into a film using greenscreen.

Creative processes used: drawing, stop motion animation, editing films and images together using a green screen and Final Cut Pro on apple mac. (iMovie, Adobe Premiere and HIT FILM could also be used).


  • Students took part in a wide range of creative processes including drawing, stopmotion animation, and devising and acting out scenarios around a given theme
  • Students learnt about the technology of using a green screen to combine different films and images

Students could take the lead in the creative design of their element of the story, as the technique of combining using green screen allowed for all students’ work to have its place in the final outcome.

It was challenging creating a finished piece in a day, requiring meticulous planning to allocate sections of the story to different and then time consuming to combine and edit.

What people said:
“I used these workshops to develop collaboration and focus on the stories rather than getting hung up on the technology and feel like this is the best way forward for me to engage with young people and technology. Using technology as a seamless tool which enhances peoples creativity rather than looking at the backs of students heads in computer room!” Stuart Blackmore, artist

“I have learnt that artists can be very clever using digital technology.  I have made an exciting movie and new characters” student, age 10


  • The young people explored Augmented Reality and learnt how to create a trigger image and revealed artwork.
  • The young people enjoyed the open-ended creative opportunity

The creative experience for the young people had both digital and traditional elements that worked well together.

The young people needed to each have access to a tablet to make the workshop feasible. The school was well resourced, and the small number of students in this workshop made this possible.