Imagine a World through Paint

Imagine a World through Paint

Work with painter Cara Roxanne to build colourful paintings and illustrations using the freedom of the imagination. Participants will refine their painting skills while opening the door to the stories that emerge from their work. The session explores traditional folk art and the work of other artists alongside techniques to build confidence through mark making and drawing with paint. At the end of the session, participants are encouraged to share their work and tell stories inspired by their own pictures, offering a springboard for creative writing as a follow up. 

Cara’s artistic practice is introduced ahead of the day by a short (15 minutes) ‘Daisi Bytes’ video which enables children to connect the activities with the wider cultural world, and can be shared with the entire school community in addition to workshop participants. 


Suitable age group:  KS1, KS2, KS3

Curriculum links:  Art and Design; English

Cost: £430* for one day 

*Cost covers one day of workshops, including administration, preparation and delivery, materials and travel. Additional days of the same workshop cost £275 per day.

Times and numbers:  The workshop is available in one of the following formats: 

  • Two classes of up to 30 children for two hours each, in one day 
  • One class of up to 30 children for one day, as a deeper experience 

Materials: Learners will use tube-based watercolour paints, palettes and a small selection of brushes.

Key Learning Outcomes


  • Participants can mix two primary colours to make a secondary colour
  • Participants can use a brush to create a range of marks 
  • Participants can describe what’s happening in their work 


  • Participants can mix a range of colours from a limited palette 
  • Participants understand the mark making qualities of different brushes
  • Participants can use their own and others’ work to inspire stories 


  • Participants can use colour to create a specific atmosphere 
  • Participants can manipulate paint through different techniques such as wet-on-wet, and use of different brushes 
  • Participants can reflect on their work and amend it to better communicate their ideas 

About the Artist   

Inspired by dreams, myths, folklore, animals and nature, Cara’s visual practice is a celebration of human nature, reflecting inner and outer landscapes.  Her paintings open a door to mysterious figures, creatures and dreamscapes.   They evolve as she works, responding to the direction that the paint, moment and place take her.   

Based near Ashburton, Cara works widely with community groups and organisations, and shares her own work through an online shop and by commission.

What’s next?   

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“I learnt about a machine called a press that makes prints. Art is my favourite subject and it opened up a new section for me.”

Erin, Christow Primary School