Meet the Team

Daisi is supported by a core group of staff who bring a wide range of skills and experiences to their roles. The Daisi staff are always more than happy to answer any questions and discuss our work in more detail. If you’d like to give us a call or an email, you will find out how to contact us here.

Liz Hill

Liz is Director at Daisi.  She started out as a secondary school teacher, teaching dance, drama and physical education (in London, then Peterborough), witnessing first-hand how young people flourished when immersed in demanding and exciting creative experiences over and above their normal day to day, in safe, respectful, supportive and fun environments.  “I was lucky to have exceptional role models amongst my teaching colleagues in those formative years, people who were so committed to bringing artists into school, and to young people leading their own creative journey.” 

Liz went on to be Education Officer with Shobona Jeyasingh Dance based in London which pushes the possibilities of dance beyond storytelling to stimulate thought, reaction and sensation through the movement of the human body. “This really increased my experience of engaging with different communities of young people across the UK and overseas, and of building working relationships with the wide range of agencies who support them.  It was also an immense privilege to be so close to the creative process of such an incredible artist!”   

Liz feels that Daisi is the perfect space bringing together her arts education experience in and out of school, and her belief in how opportunities alongside professional artists, amongst new peers, new skills and challenges, can transform a child’s life.  Not least by positively affecting their view of their own creativity and ability. 

Liz is irrepressibly excited about what Daisi can achieve with partners and with young people, and really enjoys working with such an inspirational and committed team of colleagues across staff, Board, and partner artists to extend and deepen the impact of this valuable charity. 

Vicci Worthy

Vicci joined Daisi in 2015 as a Project Manager and is now the Assistant Director. Vicci had been aware of Daisi through her previous role at Plymouth University and had always been inspired and impressed at the range of creative opportunities that Daisi was offering, supporting or creating for the young people of Devon and Torbay. As a primary art specialist teacher and visual artist, with an MEd in Creative arts and Education, Vicci has always had a passion and interest in the arts and the powerful impact they can have on young people’s lives and felt she had come home when she joined the Daisi family. When Vicci is not at Daisi, she still develops her own art work, inspired by the natural environment of the beach where she lives with her dog Frazer. You can contact Vicci on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays on 

Cath Burnett

Cath joined the Daisi family back in 2015 as she likes what Daisi does – reaching out to young people in the local community.  As the team Administrator, if you’ve worked with Daisi, you will almost certainly have bumped into Cath!  She holds everything together from impact evaluation and all our policies, to the answer to every enquiry.  Cath grew up in rural West Wales, graduated from Oxford Polytechnic in the early 90’s and moved to Devon where she now lives with her husband, 3 children and 2 cats.  Cath works with Daisi on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and can be contacted on  

Emily Nash

Emily joined the team in 2018 as Daisi’s Junior Project Officer, working predominantly on our Inclusive music project, supported by Youth Music. Over the past three years, she’s been able to develop and build her own skills and progression. “I can’t thank Daisi and Youth Music enough for this opportunity! Over my time at Daisi, I have seen real positive change in people’s lives and communities, and helping to make that happen, is truly special.” Growing up locally, working and studying in both health and social care and visual arts, Emily believes firmly in how powerful the arts are for supporting the social and emotional wellbeing, of young people and the local community. Emily is now in the midst of a part-time Graphic Design degree alongside working at Daisi, Monday to Thursday, and can be contacted on

Kate Wannell

Kate joined Daisi in 2018 and became Project Manager in 2019. Kate had been familiar with Daisi’s work through her previous roles at Dance in Devon and South West Music School and had always felt a connection with Daisi’s mission and values. Kate is committed to bringing diverse and enlightening arts experiences to the young people of Devon through her role as Project Manager. Kate loves chatting with teachers and planning unique and exciting arts workshops and projects with Daisi’s impressive local professional artists for and with young people. Kate’s background is predominantly in dance and drama and she has experience in leading performing arts workshops for children. When not working with Daisi she can be found tramping the coastal and moorland hills with her family and friends. You can contact Kate on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 

Megan Dowsett

Megan joined Daisi this summer after a move from London and a career in museums.  She is thrilled to find herself back in the world of the arts and doing what is most important – finding ways to enable every child to experience the joy of creativity.  As a Daisi Project Manager, she works with artists and schools to help find the sweet spot that brings together the artist’s creativity and the school’s vision.  When not Daisi-ing, she can be found in a heap of craft and messy experiments with (and without!) her young family or poring over wild flowers growing through the cracks in the pavement.  She works Tuesday-Thursday and can be contacted on