Mollie's Story

Mollie, aged 14 has been attending Pippins ANYC (Axminster New Youth Club) for around two and a half years. The main reasons Mollie attends is to meet new people and socialize with young people that she already knows. She likes going attends most weeks and finds it stress free.  

 Mollie didn’t describe herself as a singer of a musician, and was not involved in any music making until taking part in B Sharp sessions at Axminster New Youth Club.  

As she didn’t think of herself as a musician, she didn’t immediately gravitate towards the music sessions with Jack and Kelly at Youth Club (whereas there were a few young people who did immediately join in). 

However, Molly took part in some accessible music based activities (eg. a number based percussion workshop, music quiz etc ) led by Kelly and Jack, and now regularly joins in with the music making. She now plays the piano, and she is interested in the others making music also, and finds it interesting and enjoys listening and hearing their ideas and opinions around a subject she is not usually involved with. She likes working with Kelly and Jack and finds them chilled and relaxed. She is able to speak to them and is comfortable expressing her opinions.  

Mollie really likes that the sessions have a drop in feel – being able to choose where she would like to go and what to do within ANYC is important.  She likes that she doesn’t have to pay extra and thinks that having the sessions available is a good idea.  

Mollie has found a new interest in music through taking part in the B Sharp sessions at Youth Club.