*NEW* Daisi Bytes Artist Films

What are Daisi Bytes Films?

Available now, Daisi Bytes are your unique invitation to take the young people you work with on a rare virtual visit ‘behind the scenes’ into your local artists’ lives and work. Daisi Bytes are films designed to support children to feel connected to arts and culture through real people, artists and creative professionals in their community.  

These Daisi Bytes films are extra special having been made by the artists themselves during lockdown – bringing a once in a lifetime perspective to the films. They are an exclusive, new Daisi resource which we will build on to connect young people to the artists who live and work where they live and where they go to school. 

The Daisi Bytes films make local, professional artists even more accessible to schools and young people and open up the artists’ practice, studio and work to share with the children of Devon and Torbay. Each film uncovers its artist’s inspirations and motivations, their process, materials, where they work and invites the audience to view some of their existing work. Please note that Daisi Bytes are not instructional, how-to films.

Each film is approx 10-15 minutes long and is supported by accompanying Teacher’s Notes, to encourage class discussion and provide prompts for complementary arts activities and explorations. The films have been created with a KS2 audience in mind, but being so accessible they could be shared across a range of classes in your school.

A Sneaky peak:

The four visual artists who we have worked with so far to create Daisi Bytes films are:

  • Simon Ripley (Printmaker)
  • Monica-Shanta (Contemporary Visual Artist)
  • James Lake (3D Sculpture Artist)
  • Cara Roxanne (Visual Artist, Illustrator)

Teaser Trailers for each film can be viewed below…

The films have been tried and tested by some of Devon’s teachers and pupils who took part in a creative consultation process – a unique lockdown experience of engaging in an artist’s creative process and digital dialogue – and they come highly recommended… 

“(the film) made the children realise that art is not just about drawing and painting – it has opened their eyes to the possibilities in art” 

“They (the pupils) felt a sense of freedom when creating their own work (after watching the film), they were free from the idea that their art should look like an exact replica of an object or scene” 

“Schools have had to rethink their curriculum and will have to continue to do so in the new year, and this type of contact with an artist allows the children to continue to meet and be inspired by artists” 

KS2 teachers from schools involved in the creative consultation and pilot phase in the creation of the Daisi Bytes films in July 2020 (Topsham, Clyst St Mary, Kenn and Stoke Canon Primary Schools)

“I feel inspired and it makes me want to do more art” 

“(from the film I learnt …) that you can do anything if you set your mind to it” 

Reactions from KS2 children after watching a Daisi Bytes film

What are the benefits?

The Daisi Bytes films offer:

  • a unique chance to learn about a local, professional artist and their work 
  • a resource which will impact on and inspire class work and projects across multiple year groups and across many curriculum subjects including art and design, I.e. literacy, geography, PSHE and environmental studies
  • a springboard to kick-start a longer project led by teachers, such as a research project on artists who work in a particular art form or technique
  • teacher’s notes from which prompts can be used to create art work from stimulus – with the potential to work towards a school exhibition
  • An opportunity for teachers as well as pupils to gain an insight into new ways of creating artwork and the potential inspiration that our local environment provides. 

And as with all of our creative arts interventions, Daisi Bytes:

  • develop critical thinking skills, collaboration and curiosity 
  • integrate the Arts across the whole curriculum, from Maths to Literacy and Science 
  • support positive mental health
  • foster a new creative language between children and their teachers and youth leaders
  • have a positive effect on social and emotional development
  • promote community cohesion and pupil engagement 
  • offer an opportunity to be inspired and have creative experiences 
  • contribute towards Artsmark, Arts Award and CPD.

Structured arts activities offer a way to improve children’s thinking skills and thus improve their performance across the board at school, with knock-on effects of better life chances as adults.

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How much does access to a Daisi Byte cost?

A Basic Daisi Bytes package offers one school access to a Daisi Byte film of your choosing for 4 weeks, plus accompanying Teacher’s Notes for £150*.

A Plus Daisi Bytes package offers one school access to a Daisi Byte film of your choosing for 8 weeks, with accompanying Teacher’s Notes plus a Q+A session** with the artist (in-person or via a video call) for £225*.

*These are promotional rates, provided with support from the Arts Council England Emergency Response Fund.

**The Q+A session is an opportunity for the children to prepare questions after watching the film which they will then have the opportunity to ask the artist and open a conversation between the artist and the children. The Q+A session will take place at a mutually agreed time after the film has been screened.

How do I access a Daisi Byte film for my school or setting?

Please follow the link below to complete an online enquiry form to contact Daisi and to request access to a Daisi Byte film.