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For Your Students

By bringing an artist into your school, you offer your learners a window into another world.  Artists bring an array of creativity, an inspirational role model, a break in the school’s rhythms of work and the ability to elicit results that the least confident child can share with pride. 

There are a range of ways to bring an artist into your school.  Follow the links below to find out more. 

Using either the creative process of individual artists, or the essential skills of specific art forms, these Ready-to-Go (fixed price) workshops offer a high-quality, inspiring, practical experience for your students in a range of media.

Exploring the Creative Process

  • Drawing Conversations
  • What is Abstract Art?
  • Imagine a World through Paint
  • Creating with Cardboard – New!

Developing Essential Skills

  • Drawing with Shade and Perspective
  • Colour Mixing with Paint
  • Felting Fundamentals – New!
“All teachers have fed back how it was not only a superb experience for the children but how they enjoyed it and felt better equipped to teach… I can not thank you enough.” – Jodie Jennings, Teacher at Bassetts Farm Primary School

Do you have a vision for how you’d like to work with an artist?  It may be an art form that you can’t teach in school, a specific theme that you’d like to explore through a creative lens, a commemorative or celebratory piece for the school grounds, or a project to raise the confidence of a targeted group.  Daisi will identify the best placed artist to respond to your vision and work with school and artist to develop a project that meets your needs, as well as supporting you to navigate the logistics that sometimes arise with bigger projects.  We may even help take your ideas to a whole new level!

  • Process-based Workshops
  • Temporary Displays and Performances
  • Outdoor or Permanent Installations

Tailormade workshops start from £415 for a 1-day workshop, plus artist travel and materials. 

“Dancing outside with Matt, to such a great track gave children lots of opportunity to express themselves, and to do this collectively with their class was actually very special, very collective, very safe, and very bonding” – Sarah McKay, Headteacher, Stoke Hill Infant School 

Using the creative process of individual musicians, these Ready-to-Go music workshops offer a high-quality, hands-on experience for your students across a range of music disciplines.

  • Finding your Voice and Sharing it through Song
  • Connecting with Percussion and Rhythm 
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For Teachers

Daisi offers diverse, creative and engaging teacher development workshops led by experienced and professional artists.  These range from full day or twilight sessions for your whole staff team to online programmes for individuals alongside teachers from across Devon and Torbay. 

All our Teacher Development programmes support your creative journey as a teacher, empowering you to inspire and nurture creativity in your students.  This is balanced with activities and knowledge that enable you to teach the practical skills at the core of the National Curriculum, from the youngest age groups until leaving education. 

For specialists and novices alike, these friendly, supportive series’ of three online twilight sessions aim to ignite (or re-ignite!) the flame of inspiration and confidence for you, as a creative person and as a teacher or TA. 

  • Choreograph your Class
  • Sound Experiments
  • Sculpting with Rubbish
“I could actually do my staff meeting with all those different techniques.  I could be so much more confident, and not be afraid of it.” – Heidi Hammond, Bradley Barton Primary School

Daisi offers diverse, creative and engaging teacher development workshops led by experienced and professional artists. 

In a Daisi Skills in Your School workshop, teachers will have the opportunity to work alongside a professional artist and invest in their own creative practice, taking away knowledge and skills that can be adapted to their own classroom, often making links to other areas of learning or curriculum topics. 

Workshops are developed in partnership with your school to tailor the session to suit your needs, aims and outcomes. 

“It encouraged staff to think outside the box trying new ideas. Encouraged using a wide range of materials and resources for future art.” – Teacher, Denbury Primary School 

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Working with partners and leading project

Daisi runs an ongoing programme of artist-led workshops in schools, non-formal education settings, and communities.  At the heart of all Daisi projects lies partnership, quality, and reflective learning. 

Daisi has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering arts participation projects that improve outcomes for children and young people, and their communities across Devon and Torbay, especially including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. 

Daisi is a partnership organisation with a highly respected reputation for collaborative work across the cultural sector. Daisi has led on many initiatives in which co-design with local communities lies at the heart, and health and wellbeing outcomes shape the activity. 

Daisi funders support activity workshops and innovative research & development projects that explore new ways of addressing identified need.   Daisi has a wealth of experience of monitoring and reporting to external funders and commissioners, demonstrating strong project leadership and delivery of objectives on time and within budget.  

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