Inspiration Aspiration Partnership

Inspiration Aspiration Partnership is about arts, cultural organisations and schools working together to inspire creativity and increase aspiration by developing young people’s pride in their local surroundings and resources.

“I liked best that we were learning out of the hot classroom and in the nice cool air outside in a garden.”

Harry, age 10, Bolham Primary School, Tiverton

The process involves bringing the young people into contact with inspirational, professional writers, artists and local cultural amenities, and vice versa.  The project methodology was developed by Daisi and four Devon learning communities between 2006 and 2008, with 1600 young people, teachers and artists and cultural organisation staff taking part.

“I liked it when the writer came in as it inspired me to write.  I liked to write before but stopped and then she came in and helped me to like it again.”

Ashley, age 11, Tiverton High School

The evaluation of Inspiration Aspiration Partnership shows overwhelmingly positive impact for participants across all five activity areas of the Every Child Matters Agenda and the project partners’ desired outcomes:

  • Raising aspirations and broadening horizons
  • Inspiring pride in the locality and community
  • Learning to work together
  • Increasing creativity
  • Increasing literacy

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