School Collaboration Projects

Daisi has developed a wide range of project models in which groups of schools collaborate with each other, and with their wider local community and resources.  Collaborations can be amongst geographically located clusters, or communities of interest.

The common thread between all these projects is that some, or all, of the planning and sharing of learning takes place collaboratively.  For example, many of the projects are outcomes-led, in that the partners come together to identify what it is that they wish to achieve through a project, and then work together to design the project content.

Many of the projects have a particular emphasis on connecting beyond the school with the local community, such as with their pupils’ families, the wider public, and the local cultural resources.

To read more about the individual projects and their outcomes please follow the links:

Blackdown Hills Natural Futures young people from 10 East Devon schools exploring their local natural heritage through art and sharing with the wider community through exhibition

Poetry Pin a digital poetry opportunity for Exeter people and visitors

4D Dance Dimensions collaborating clusters of schools developing their confidence and skill to offer a quality dance education to their young people

Remembering the First World War: what it means to us young people-led heritage explorations of how the First World War has affected their own lives

Banners in the Cathedral a major young people’s visual art exhibition in Exeter Cathedral to celebrate London 2012

A River’s Journey young people and their schools in the Axe Valley exploring the cultural offer in their locality, and sharing their work with peers and the wider community

Learning About Where We Live 14 Exmouth schools collaborating to explore their locality and share through public exhibition

The School Looks Around young people looking at citizenship in their locality, and exploring how things work through investigative arts practice

A Real Buzz a commission by EDF offering young people a chance to explore and express science principles through art

Exeter Central Learning Community groups of schools working together to enhance their collaborative potential, and their young people’s connection and pride in locality

Strengthening School Communities exploring how the arts can support schools to develop a positive ethos, and connection to their school community

The Groundswell Project: The Impact of Artists in Schools Daisi’s inaugural project researching the impact of artists in schools