School Projects

Primary School Projects

Daisi works with primary schools across the whole of Devon and Torbay, offering a wide range of creative experiences for children age 5 – 11, as well as Early Years.  Daisi has over 130 registered artists who can provide workshops in Dance, Drama, all of the Visual Arts, Creative Writing, and Music.

Workshops are always tailored to the individual needs and objectives of the school. Workshops and projects can be designed for individual schools, or for collaborating school clusters.  They can be designed to achieve curriculum-based outcomes, or to support personal, social, health, and community outcomes.

Secondary School Projects

Daisi workshops in secondary schools to allow students the opportunity to expand their skill-set and develop their course work.  Workshops engage and inspire GCSE and A level students, as well as provide unique, creative experiences for harder to reach young people.

Are you interested in booking a workshop at your school? Please visit the Book a Daisi Workshop page for more details and to complete a booking enquiry form.