Reading Writes

Reading Writes project was created by Daisi and supported by the Hele’s Trust for the Exeter Respect Festival 2012. The project aimed to:

  • help children to celebrate diversity, challenge racism and prejudice, and promote multi-cultural respect and understanding
  • enable children to have a high quality creative writing experience inspired by and related to the Exeter Respect Festival

Daisi commissioned four professional poets and authors from the South West, who identify as black and minority ethnic, to work with children in four Exeter primary schools, exploring cultural diversity through the written and spoken word.

The professional authors were:

  • Edson Burton
  • Steve Duncan
  • Shagufta Iqbal
  • Bertel Martin

The participating schools were:

  • Countess Wear Community School
  • Whipton Barton Junior School
  • Willowbrook School
  • Wynstream Primary School

A selection of children’s poems, stories and other types of creative writing exploring cultural diversity were exhibited at the Respect Festival on 2nd and 3rd June 2012.