Ready-to-Go Workshops

Ready-to-Go Workshops

Ready To Go workshops are a carefully planned, straightforward way to bring a high-quality arts experience into your school which combines minimal planning (from you) and a clear cost with the ability to extend your horizons and bring art to your children in a way that you might never have previously considered. 

Visual Arts Workshops

A high-quality, inspiring, practical experience for your students in a range of media. 

Artist Q&A Sessions

A unique opportunity to interrogate the artist about their work and career, combined with a pre-visit film. 

Art Effect: Promoting Positive Mental Health

A ten-session programme designed to support young people’s wellbeing as we move through challenging times. 

We are in the process of developing further Ready-to-Go Workshops. If our current offer doesn’t quite meet your needs, or you are looking for workshops in dance, music, drama or other art forms, please explore our Bespoke Workshops and Projects pages, from which you will be able to make an enquiry. 

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“It has always been a real pleasure to work with Daisi. The team are dedicated, professional, helpful and supportive, and it is clearly apparent that everyone involved has a genuine interest in promoting exciting and innovative Arts experiences in schools. “

Angie Lunn, Teacher at Kenton Primary School