Sonic Drawings

Art Machina Sonic Drawings

Artist: Laura Denning

Participants:  20 secondary age students from Eggbuckland Communty College

Aims of activity: For the young people to create 60 second ‘sonic drawings’ or ‘moving paintings’

Activity: Artist Laura Denning worked with students from Eggbuckland Community College to create ‘moving paintings’ or ‘sonic drawings’ on the themes of Out of Place and Strange and Fantastic, inspired by collections of maritime specimens from The Box, Plymouth. The students initially took part in a ‘sound walk’, learning to hear and record sound from their local environment. The students then used their phones to record the footage, experimenting with clip-on lenses, a microscopic underwater camera, GoPros, hydrophones and Tascams (hand-held sound recorders). They then edited images and sound to create their finished pieces.

Creative processes used:  photography, film, sound recording, film editing and sound editing


  • The young people explored using their phones creatively to make artwork, and some learnt that digital processes and techniques they used out of school, could be utilised within the art curriculum
  • The young people learnt about a new artform, and experimented within this


  • Using sound recording, and moving image editing to create visual art was new to the young people
  • The process of creating ‘prototype’ designs which can then be easily modified before being re-cut was innovative for the young people, and opened up possibilities for design development


  • Many schools do not allow students to use their phones within the classroom, which was essential for this workshop