In 2012, Daisi began delivering Soundwaves, which focuses on developing musical opportunities for young people in challenging  circumstances in Devon and Torbay.  The project is funded by Youth Music, the national music education charity.

Children and young people can experience challenges in their lives through their immediate social, economic or geographic environment, physical or learning disabilities or other factors. Music is a vital ingredient  in bringing about personal and social change for these children.

“I’ve never made a CD of my own music in my life – I’m well proud of it”.

Rhys, resident, Esther Housing Community, Exeter 

Daisi’s role is to bring together and support people, places and organisations who want to bring the transformative power of music to the most in need.

Click here to find out more about Soundwaves, including its impact and case studies.

Soundwaves music workshops are currently taking place with Children in Care, with rurally isolated young people in partnership with local youth clubs, and with groups of schools looking to ensure access to music opportunities for all their students.

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