Teacher Development

Teacher Development

Daisi offers diverse, creative and engaging teacher development workshops led by experienced and professional artists. These range from full day or twilight sessions for your whole staff team to online programmes for individuals alongside teachers from across Devon and Torbay. 

All our Teacher Development programmes support your creative journey as a teacher, empowering you to inspire and nurture creativity in your students. This is balanced with activities and knowledge that enable you to teach the practical skills at the core of the National Curriculum, from the youngest age groups until leaving education. 

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Teacher Nurture

A series of three online sessions for specialist and non-specialist teachers of all age groups, from across Devon and Torbay. 

Skills in Your School

Full day, half day or twilight sessions in your school, tailored to suit the needs of your staff team. 

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For all remaining enquiries, please contact us via admin@daisi.org.uk  

“Many, many children in our school have loved working with a range of artists, musicians and taking part in dance festivals organised by Daisi, over the past 10 years. FABULOUS! The impact of their drive and expertise can be summed in one memorable comment from a child in our school, after a Daisi workshop:’ I didn’t think I could do art until today. That’s what I’ll be one day, an artist, because it’s a happy thing to be.”

Angie Lunn, Teacher at Kenton Primary School