The Groundswell Project: The Impact of Artists in Schools

The Groundswell Project, Daisi’s first project, was launched in October 1998; its focus was the work of artists in schools and the impact of artists on pupils’ learning.

Groundswell feedback from participating pupils and teachers identified 8 key things that pupils gain from the experience of working with an artist:

a change of ethos;  the challenge of the real;  the pleasure of collaboration;  gains in cultural knowledge;  acquisition of art-form skills;  inspiration;  the experience of creativity;  pride in achievement

The Groundswell Project was made up of ten separate arts projects, each centred on a different art form or combination of art forms, and each showing a different pattern of artists’ involvement.  The principles at the centre of Groundswell:  of collaboration, reflection, and impact analysis, have remained firmly at the centre of Daisi practice ever since.

“What seems to be most interesting in terms of the pupils’ learning, is that this pattern of activity [workshop and producing art work] involves moving between roles – both for the artist (who also acts, for example, as audience and critic), and for the pupils, who may begin as spectators, before becoming makers and performers themselves.  And it’s the flexibility of the role that helps the pupils to see how one part of the artistic process relates to another.”

The Impact of Artists in Schools, Daisi and Nick Jones, 2000

Click here for the evaluation report of The Groundswell Project: The Impact of Artists in Schools.