Things you can try at home

 Augmented Reality

Download a free app such as Aurasma or Layar. While you are looking around RAMM choose an object that interests you. Photograph this to create a trigger image. You can edit this using a free editing app such as Snapseed or VSCO. A good trigger image has high contrast, and strong bold shapes. Then create another piece that is going to be revealed when your trigger image is scanned. This could be a drawing, photograph, sound piece, film or animation!

Create a virtual Museum

Create your own virtual museum using a free AR app such as Aurasma or Layar. As a trigger image first create an image in front of your museum. You can create a digital drawing of the outside of your museum using a free app such as Penultimate or Loop. When you go round the museum select and photograph 10 objects you would to include your collection, which you can then attach to your trigger image in Aurasma or Layar.


 Animated gifs

Make your own animated gif with a smart phone. Choose one or two small and simple objects. Place them in an interesting environment and move the objects little by little constructing a story. As you move the objects, take photographs along each step by using the camera in your smart phone. Download ‘giphy cam’ app in your smart phone and use it to compile the images you took of the objects to create a moving animated gif.


Augmented Reality Self Portrait

Create a trigger image using a self portrait. A good trigger image has high contrast, and strong bold shapes. You could create an image from your photograph by drawing, painting or digitally manipulating the photograph using a photo-editing app such as Snapseed or VSCO. Then create pieces of artwork about you, your personality and interests that are revealed when then  trigger image is scanned. These could be a animated gifs, photographs, mini films or sound pieces.